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CBloggers Project, an initiative by JB and the Community Broadcasting Association of Australia (CBAA), invited 20 young people from around oz to converge on the national community media conference… the idea was to broadcast commentary using social media… yum had the absolute honour of being invited as the media training org and supported the development …
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Halt! I am Gravatar!

Well all rugrats/reptar references aside i thought i would write a little something about gravatars. Due to some new improvments to the yum blog, made in an effort to personalise each post so you guys get to know each of us here at yum, we have started using gravatars. I’m pretty sure everyone knows what …
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underground cinema

last weekend a mate and i traveled back in time (1940s) to attend the latest underground cinema and it was totally fabulous… we had our fur capes, wide-legged pant (me) and pencil skirt (her), rosebud lips and perfectly coiffured hair (well my mate Lynden did anyway). so we were done, the rest was up to …
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shilling wall achievement award

at the recent annual dinner for the Victorian ICT for Women our erin, creative director extraordinaire, was presented with an award recognising her significant contribution in supporting women working in ICT. this is fabulous recognition for erin who has mentored and supported many people in multimedia, filmmaking, training, the disability sector, and of course here …
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gertrude street projection festival 2010

yum is very excited that erin, our creative director will be presenting work at this year’s Gertrude Street Projection Festival. all along Gertrude Street, between Nicholson and Smith Streets, the exterior surfaces of buildings, footpaths, walls, windows and laneways become one big gallery for the projected image. you can access the gallery by walking, riding, …
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semaphore is live

semaphore is a sumptuous eclectic mix of media based by photography. the works explore issues of communication, signal and signage. it is the work of emma stoneman and erin mccuskey and its now open at two locations: existing in hard copy on platform 2 at the ballarat railway station and on the bus bay lydiard …
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biz of the year

well the champers were on hand, okay it was red, and the atmosphere was packed with noise, colour and a palpable excitement. and that was all just at our table… and the winner of Enterprise Small Business Award is…. yum productions… I looked at mick (where sarah should have been) and he looked back… think …
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semaphore – we want you

where you going? what you doing? what’s the message? tell me by @semaphore_art or comment below… semaphore is an expose of communication as a sent message. responding to the question begins the connection. as we move from an industrial society to an information-based one the method of sending the message has evolved and morphed over …
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