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Spark Report

The Spark Report I had the honour of speaking with the women of The Refinery. A group of women interested in ideas, creation and ideation. Here’s some of the learnings: You can talk ANYWHERE if you are committed to your idea. One darling woman spoke to me on the phone from her car in some …
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Luxville Delusion – Artist Talk

Artist Talk Sunday 15th November 2015 Erin McCuskey Filmmaker – Yum Studio – Madame Yum Luxville Delusion  This talk is dedicated to those around the world who have experienced violence. Be it from war, terrorism, racism, misogyny… we have so many names for it. Violence comes from the desire for power, and from fear of …
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To heck with suspense

To be a good writer, apparently, you need to be a good reader. I reckon you also need to be a good listener. At Yum Studio we are always writing; whether it be posts, articles, stories, screenplays, scripts, lots of weird and fabulous creative stuff. We always read it outloud, so… Listening to Kurt can’t …
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