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Mick’s Cinema

  I love films, I love going to the cinema, I love the rituals, I love the slow all-encompassing dark. For me, it’s as much about the experience of viewing, as the film itself. This year we have created a small intimate viewing experience called ‘Mick’s Cinema’. Its name belies the lushness of big comfy …
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MIFF Opening Night

We are screening yum’s project MIFFtales throughout the Melbourne International Film Festival so managed to wrangle some tickets to Melbourne night of nights…. MIFF Opening Night. Red carpet, celebs, champagne, after party, weather issues, transport, likely queue…. So the major question was obviously… what to wear… I’d been thinking about it for weeks…. Hell I’d …
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a very yummy MIFF

and if I was just announcing it I’d start by saying “Wow have I got news for you”, while its no longer news as such it is still exciting. we are producing a project for MIFF called MIFFtales. (twitter tag #MIFFtales) and follow MIFF @MIFFofficial. I am currently producing some intriguing storytelling in moving images …
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underground cinema

last weekend a mate and i traveled back in time (1940s) to attend the latest underground cinema and it was totally fabulous… we had our fur capes, wide-legged pant (me) and pencil skirt (her), rosebud lips and perfectly coiffured hair (well my mate Lynden did anyway). so we were done, the rest was up to …
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