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Working (TOO) out loud

Videographer Erin only made one mistake. She laughed at the store manager in whose store we were shooting our elearning resource A-roll. The veins expanded even more, his eyes bulged, his shirt appeared ready to shred itself upon his own self inflammation. Playing good cop I explained how his store had been chosen to represent the congolomerate …
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Ta Phin: A Hard Life, Easy to Live

  Spin a globe, toss a coin, follow a friend’s recommendation, revisit a favourite place or embark on the path less traveled. Picking a holiday destination is a choice as wide as the world. Choosing a path off the tourist map ‘destination remote’ lead us (Erin and Lynden) to the mountain community of Ta Phin, …
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normal is about seeing the world through the perspectives of difference. like Cubism twisted Realism, ‘normal’ goes beyond the mainstream to the core of us: the personal experiences, the secret perceptions of us, the difference of us, all artfully rearranged. what we know about ‘normal’ is that earlier this year TV Boot Camp came to town driven …
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