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From Red to Purple

  What a fabulous turn out for Red, thank you all so much for joining us. Here are some images and thought provoking opening and closing, and some middle, lines that the crowd came up with. Find yours, then check at the bottom for feedback and naming the winner, who we can’t name so hoping …
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To heck with suspense

To be a good writer, apparently, you need to be a good reader. I reckon you also need to be a good listener. At Yum Studio we are always writing; whether it be posts, articles, stories, screenplays, scripts, lots of weird and fabulous creative stuff. We always read it outloud, so… Listening to Kurt can’t …
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We’re all winners

  What a fabulous party, thank you all for coming. And thanks to those who took time to vote, five seconds work for a glittering prize… not bad. And the fabulous winner is – drum roll please… In fact we got two winners – congratulations to Miss T and Janeway. Your glittering prizes are winging …
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Yum Studio 86th Oscars Party

  The fabulous fabulous awards season is upon us, and while we hate to brag, Yum Studio has again a nomination in every category. You believe? Want to win glittering prizes, and join the fun fun fun? The Oscars at our studio have a very long and precious history of parties, glitter, kiss-ups, heels, champagyne …
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Mick’s Cinema

  I love films, I love going to the cinema, I love the rituals, I love the slow all-encompassing dark. For me, it’s as much about the experience of viewing, as the film itself. This year we have created a small intimate viewing experience called ‘Mick’s Cinema’. Its name belies the lushness of big comfy …
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Daisy-chaining Robots

Over the last three months it has been such a joy to train people in the use of the fabulous ArtsAtlas, an online portal for artists to showcase their work, find their tribe and develop their audience. Loved it so much i want to do it for a whole day. So in conjunction with the …
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What Lies Beneath?

Got the brief for this group show and immediately thought about Alice in Wonderland. I’d been singing the lyrics to the Grace Slick song ‘What Rabbit’ for weeks, and it spoke to me about the need to explore, to find out about yourself, to not listen to authorities nor sometimes even your mother (shut your …
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Crazed amplified somnambulist

Creativity is like El Nino and La Nina – interplay of idea drought and flood. Framing visions to a personal, political or spiritual context. We all have a number of moments in our lives where we feel and are moved by another’s originality of creativity. It always speaks to you personally. The other’s soul becomes …
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gertrude street projection festival 2010

yum is very excited that erin, our creative director will be presenting work at this year’s Gertrude Street Projection Festival. all along Gertrude Street, between Nicholson and Smith Streets, the exterior surfaces of buildings, footpaths, walls, windows and laneways become one big gallery for the projected image. you can access the gallery by walking, riding, …
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