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The Inside Story

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A fabulous film based community engagement project to support understanding of heritage and appreciation of how heritage informs who we are now. The Inside Story is about three buildings iconic Ballarat buildings. They have dominated the city's skyline and streetscape for as long as folk can remember.

This project is about capturing the social history, and how people, events and occasions have shaped the life of these buildings and so the lives of all of the people. Buildings are made of imagination, the life that goes on inside provides the colour, life and culture that is legacy for a beautiful city.

“This is such a fabulous project to open the lids of these buildings and share the life within them over the years. We have found some interesting facts, and some sordid episodes, that will really make these buildings sing.” said Madame Yum

Through a website and some recording days, residents and visitors have shared their memories of the life that has occurred in these buildings. Stories, from then and now, were added to an online artefact to share these tall tales and true, to give us a sense of the colour of life of these buildings over the years to now.

“We want to celebrate the life, colour and movement of these buildings by having the community contribute and share their stories, the stories of their elders, rumours they have heard, photographs and film taken over time.”

So head to the website ballaratheritageweekend.com.au/tis and read the stories and share your own.

Video Album: https://vimeo.com/album/2893261

Website: http://ballaratheritageweekend.com.au/tis

Flickr Album: https://www.flickr.com/photos/yumhq/sets/72157644345655129

The project has been initiated by the City of Ballarat, supported by funding from the Australian Government’s Sharing Community Heritage Stories Program, with creative direction by Yum Studio.

Yum Studio were great to work with throughout all aspects of The Inside Story project; including the community engagement, research and the creation of a fabulous film. A great representation of Ballarat’s social history. It’s great to still hear people talking about the project amongst our community!

Jeff Johnson, Community Events Manager, City of Ballarat

Client:City of Ballarat

ByMadame Yum

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