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Random Number Generator

An audio-visual collaboration on addictive gambling, poker machines and loss. Originally commissioned by David Atkins for White Night Ballarat 2018.


Random Number Generator (RNG) is Ballarat’s newest venue, and all is not what it seems. Behind the glitz and allure of the façade, a clock without hands spins endlessly, light chases through no window and the walls surround with menace hidden under a smile. The audience become a shadow of themselves, the gambler. Do they know what they are playing with?

Random Number Generator is a multi-channel film and audio installation, featuring songs from the new cabaret The Venue, created by Christine Tammer. Musically, the work takes inspiration from the inner workings of poker machines, programmed to make a huge profit for the venue. Her work dives beneath layers set to illicit our Pavlov's Dog response, and then soars with big hearted understanding of addiction. Tammer's sound track is breath taking.

Visually the work draws a garish nightmare, a pokies venue, unconscionable conduct and the deception by design which promises love, luck and a winning life. McCuskey's use of colour and contrast produces moments of meditation surrounded by the discombobulation of entrapment to the god of poker machines.

You’ll be sorry you ever stepped foot in the place!

See Random Number Generator at While Night Ballarat March 17th 2018.

Thank you to Annie Drum, Megan Riedl and Tripwire Theatre for support.


Christine Tammer

Chris is a composer, arranger, musician and vocal improv teacher. She creates delicate intricate works that shake the emotions, using layers of polyphonic textures. Recent works include composing and producing for the 24 Hour Experience (Ballarat) and the Metanoia Theatre (MilkBars).

Erin M McCuskey

Erin is a multimedia and film artist with a reputation for working in the space between art and cinema. She is the author of transmedia project Luxville, with commissions for Finucane & Smith, City of Ballarat, Art Gallery of Ballarat and screenings at Melbourne International Film Festival and Gertrude Street Projection Festival.


Twirl de Lux a short art film. Please email for private link.

An Indelicate Performance a portrait of Lola Montez for the Digital Portraiture Award. Please email for private link.

Silver Rememberings a commissioned piece by the Ballaarat Mechanics’ Institute (BMI). link: https://vimeo.com/181901009

Arising short film to music for Biennale Of Australian Art (BOAA) link: https://vimeo.com/239410555


  • Video 3-5-7 Channel 1920 x 1080p (1.0), 25fps,
  • Apple ProRes [.mov]
  • (1 Channel linked to Audio)
  • Audio 48Hz Stereo
  • Dur: 12mins looping

Space requirements:

Random Number Generator requires a space not impacted by direct light or external sound. It's premiere was in a small hall in Camp Street Ballarat, the Old Sheriff's Office. It would work within a dilapidated building, pristine gallery environment or outside. A dark quiet space that allows the audience to sit and feel surrounded, to feel their own sense of self and the pull of the machine, in that dark.



Commissioned  by David Atkins for White Night Ballarat

Handler Felicity Hollingbery DAE White Night Pty Ltd

SOUND Christine Tammer Christine Tammer Music

FILM Erin M McCuskey Yum Studio

SONGS Christine Tammer & Annie Drum


  • Amy Tsilemanis
  • Lindsay Bingham
  • Dulcie Corbett
  • Chris Tammer
  • Annie Drum
  • Melanie Rae Smith

VOICE Nelson Mathews


  • Annie Drum
  • Al Wunder
  • Barry James Gilson
  • Jill Clarke
  • Erin McCuskey
  • Michael Gwyther
  • Robyn Sedgwick
  • Christine Tammer


Camera: Erin M McCuskey [with thanks to Sarah Duguid for bug footage]


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'The Human Dynamo' Georgia Sothern [Internet Archive]

Margit & Margot [found footage - please contact for full acknowledgement]

How a Watch Works (1949) Hamilton Watch Company [National Watch and Clock Museum]

Exercise and Health (1949) Coronet Instructional Films [Prelinger Archives]


Megan Riedl Tripwire Theatre  (Initiation)

Michael Gwyther Yum Studio (CoProduction)

Paul & Sharon McCuskey (Location)