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Make Your Own History


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"Memory - something which isn't wholly present, but that's felt through time." Amy Tsilemanis

Make Your Own History (45 secs) from Erin M McCuskey on Vimeo.

We join Amy Tsilemanis, curator at the Ballaarat Mechanics' Institute (BMI), to dive into this beautiful building, its stories and people. Commissioned by President Phil Roberts this short film explores the opening out of the BMI, and its place at the cultural centre of Ballarat.

Film by Erin McCuskey, music by local composer Christine Tammer.

"It's such a unique place. Its still unknown to me about how many connections we can make, but thats what inspires me to keep thinking about it and inviting people to be part of it."

Make Your Own History from Erin M McCuskey on Vimeo.

The beautiful and ridiculously talented actor/artist Joanne Davis, owns the shoes she wore, and also drew them for her shoe library, her illustration is above.

More on the project at Ballaarat Mechanics' Institute here: https://ballaratmi.org.au/2016/12/15/spectacular-new-film-bmi-launched-online

Title:Make Your Own History

Dates:November 2016

By:Madame Yum