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Highlands LLEN - yum eLearning - Blended delivery of Vocational Education and Training in Schools (VETiS)

Local Learning and Employment Networks (LLENs) are a Victorian Government initiative. They bring together education providers, industry, community organisations, individual and government organisations to improve education, training and employment outcomes for young people in communities across Victoria.

The Highlands LLEN incorporates five Local Government Areas in regional Victoria; Ballarat, Hepburn, Moorabool, Pyrenees and Golden Plains. Yum delivered the multimedia course Certificate II in Creative Industries (Media) to secondary school students drawn from the LLEN catchment between 2008 and 2011. The Certificate covered a range of multimedia skills including HTML, images, drawing, video, audio, animation and basic modelling. Yum was keen to use a paperless and social approach to training. Yum set up a WordPress blog to reinforce learning that occurred in the classroom. All assessments and learning guides were distributed via the blog. Students submitted their assessment tasks using Gmail and Google Document sharing (now known as Google Drive). Yum's approach to Assessment was to provide students with a series of client "briefs" within which to respond with a demonstration of their competence via design knowledge, form, software and multimedia.

Features of this training delivery included:

Student use of Gmail to communicate with each other and the trainer, Yum's Michael Gwyther.

Use of Google Docs for learners to draft and submit knowledge based assessment tasks.

Social bookmarks to distribute resources.

Social network tools for students to contribute to and manage group work projects.

Student's use of blogs to publish and peer review group work project assessments.

Purpose built YouTube and Screencasting videos to support software training

Website :  highlandsllen.org