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Leo Cussens

Leo Cussens

e-mentoring project

Yum Studio's eLearning director, Michael Gwyther works with Training staff from Leo Cussen's Practical Training Course (Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice)

- a highly practical and experiential course for entry level lawyers.

Leo Cussen Centre for Law is a not-for-profit body that continues to support and strengthen the administration of justice and the legal system by providing high quality education, training, and professional development in legal practice and the law.

Leo Cussen engaged Michael to get some new ideas about enhancing their existing course materials for the online component of the Practical Training Course. A hands on approach was adopted to unpack design issues and equip staff with skills to enhance their course through multimedia, including:

-Redesigning course flow on the Learner Management System (Moodle) to make courses more intuitive and engaging
-Development of Decision making trees to deepen the problem solving function of existing quizzes
-Video storyboarding skills to support scenarios and case study learning examples.
-Use of rapid learning tools to make existing text heavy courses into more dynamic learning content.
-Screen capture skills to verbally and visually explain documents, contracts and other legal instruments.

Website : leocussen.vic.edu.au