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eLearning self paced resource development

Yum was engaged by the Flexible Learning framework in Victoria to develop a self paced scenario driven eLearning resource to cover the skills required to undertake a community based video project.

Yum worked with Wimmera Hub's Vet in Schools learners to shot video interviews with local emergency services workers who had experienced floods and fire that ravaged the district. These videos become scenarios that highlighted the considerations in making a video - equipment, safety, lighting, dialogue, editing, sound and presentation.

The resource was targeted for delivery at young learners studying Certificate II and III in Interactive Media. Yum developed the resource using Adobe Captivate.

Yum went onto develop a strategic plan for the implementation of eLearning into Vocational Education and Training courses at Wimmera HUB. Yum's role in this process included: Writing the core content and activities. Storyboarding the eLearning resource. Supporting students to video key sequences.

Voiceovers for each screen in the resource, sourcing and recording character voices

Close caption preparation. Assembling the eLearning resource using Adobe Captivate

Testing for usability. Evaluating and updating the resource, based on trainer and learner feedback.

Website :  www.hub.org.au