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Facilitation; Design; Storytelling

Digititis was a workshop about spreading and sharing heritage collections digitally. It was a showcase of information and communication technology highlighting the digital image collection of the Australiana Room of the Ballarat Library.

Yum Studio's Erin McCuskey played host and facilitator bringing together the themes and issues of the day. Inspiring storytelling about digitising projects across the world.

Regional libraries are key to supporting our communities entree to the digital world, this workshop highlighted world best practises that are happening locally.

Client: Ballarat Library

Testimonial: Edith Fry, Australiana Research Librarian and Lesley Morgan, Ballarat Library Manager

"We (Ballarat Library) were arranging a workshop to showcase our digitisation projects to peers and colleagues in the library and museum world.  Erin came on board very early in the planning stages and right from the word go, came up with creative useful ideas, even suggesting a list of clever attention-getting names for the session, one of which we ultimately used.

Erin made herself available to us and assisted in various ways with the whole project, from sourcing USBs to suggesting ways of recording the sessions; she facilitated the day; and she assisted with evaluation when it was all over.  Her enthusiasm, professionalism and knowledge were absolutely outstanding and we confidently state she was the best facilitator we have ever used.  We knew what we wanted to achieve from the day, but not exactly how to get there – Erin’s contribution was essential in bringing the whole project together and making it a success.  The feedback we received was excellent, and we ourselves were tired, but delighted."