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BE Net : Ballarat East Network

BE Net (Ballarat East Network)

Web design; Facilitation; Social Media support

Yum Studio is located in beautiful Ballarat East overlooking the spectacular Canadian State Forest. The area is less than 9 km from the CBD of Ballarat and as such is under pressure from developers. That in itself wouldn't be so bad if the developments were sustainable, reflective of this beautiful area, and supportive of the protection of our flora and native fauna. Unfortunately the proposals are usually small endlessly repeated designs with no backyards.

Along with residents we developed a loose network of community minded people who were prepared to talk to other residents, talk to council, support a planning strategy for the area before it was lost to repetitive unsustainable over development. Yum Studio produced the website and social media presence grew audiences and continues to support residents; all in a pro bono capacity.