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Professional development leader and presenter - Yum Studio eLearning

ACPET is a national industry association for independent providers of post-compulsory education and training, for Australian and international students. Yum's eLearning Director Michael Gwyther was invited to present a series of webinars and face-to-face workshops to ACPET members and clients. Michael's workshops are a mix of lecture, demonstration, and stories from experience, try and play with activities where participants have the opportunity to apply Michael's ideas to their own training practice.

The workshops presented by Michael for ACPET included:

"Rapid eLearning"

This workshop focussed on using commercial and open source rapid eLearning software. There are a number of programmes available for speeding up the process of developing engaging electronic learning resources for training for delivery. Most include options for creating engaging activities that are integrated with multimedia and learner interaction templates. Learning developed in this way can be easily exported into a SCORM / IMS compliant Learner Management System (e.g. Moodle)

"Preparing Video & Audio tools to use in Training"

This workshop guided participants through creating and customising Video and Audio Sequences for use in the flexible delivery of training. This was a hands on session where Michael will guide participants through using the basics of drafting, recording, editing and distributing video and audio to enhance the learning content of blended deliveries. A range of social audio tools was also explored.

"Learner Management Systems - Introduction to Moodle 2.0"

This was a hands on session where participants explored Learner Management System characteristics. We examined Moodle essentials from the perspective of a student and a trainer. Our session covered: Understanding Blended Learning What is Moodle? Models of training delivery that compliment the use of a LMS Staff capacity and PD implications Communication Tools in Moodle Content Delivery Tools in Moodle (Rapid eLearning Tools, Multimedia, Existing resources, free tools) Assessment Tools in Moodle (SCORM, Assessment Tracking) Student support and Course Management


"eAssessment - Digital Teaching Tools for Evidence Gathering in the Blended Learning Environment"

This one hour online webinar provided guidance on effective evidence gathering approaches using digital teaching tools. We’ll explored a blended delivery approach into face to face, self paced and facilitated online components and explore appropriate evidence gathering methods and tools for each.

"Going Mobile – Teaching & Learning Online"

This one hour online webinar explored mobile technologies (smart phones and tablets) in VET teaching practice and strategies to make effective use of commonly available mobile devices

We'll investigated the use of mobile technology for: Course communication portals for remote support and discussion based assessment Assessment evidence capture using audio, video, text Mobile course content

Student/Trainer productivity tools for capturing web resources, sharing files, web bookmarks, developing virtual assessment responses and communication; through the use of a variety of free and low cost apps.

"Build a Business case for implementing e-Learning" Dive into eLearning or Plan and Implement cautiously and carefully? We’ve heard good and bad stories either way but eventually someone will want to see a business case for an eLearning project. In this session we worked through a Business Case for eLearning template.

This session covered:

Models of Blended learning
Executive Summary
Description of Initiative
What will be developed?
Options, Risks & Budget
Staffing and Responsibilities
Contractors & Infrastructure

Website :  acpet.edu.au


Yum Studio Role:Presenter & facilitator