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About Yum

Yum Studio are creative media and blended learning specialists committed to working with industry, community and government alike. We often fund our own projects as well. We provide passionate and knowledgeable services designed to engage people. Our distinctive approach means you won't ever turn up in the same frock as someone else. ever.

For general rants on media and learning as well as some personal commentary from the Yum team check out our blog, the Yum Wrap.

You will see some of our favourite projects in the showcase page. Our use of art, design, story, character and plot, enables us to develop and deliver engaging work across the board. Contact us to scope your media or learning project.

Our use of art, design, story, character and plot, enables us to develop and deliver engaging work across the board.

Madame Yum - Creative Director

I work with still images, moving images, word and projections, mixing them like paints. Motion paintings for commissions on heritage, feminisms, human rights, concepts of time and breaths of memory. My films, videos, installations and projection work sparks on cinematic styling’s of colour, layers and meaning that speak to ease of heart yet deny the effort behind the screen.

Mickey Gee - Learning Director

As Yum Learning Director I get to hone my experience in a wide variety of training contexts and modes. Many things stand out for me along the Yum Studio way, being a flexible learning leader, building our studio, our first computer network, setting up moodle on a new domain, and of course paying off the tax office.

Erin's work is innovative, outstanding and professional. Her creative projections have been an integral part of the success and quality of our productions.

−Jenny Apps Director Alchemy Theatre

Creative Media is

Film, photography and storytelling with heart. We've been working for many years now and some of our portolio can be found in our archive.

Creative Media Archive

Blended Learning is

eLearning, coaching, presenting with storytelling. Our experience shows in our showcase with some still great case-studies in our Blended Media Archive.

Blended Learning Archive

Contact Yum

PO Box 2116
Bakery Hill
Ballarat 3354
Victoria Australia

0409 533 176 Erin
0409 317 625 Mick


Engaging people through unique media.


We create bridges between people, ideas and technology.


Creativity – valuing new ideas and concepts that break assumptions.

Difference – necessary for a healthy culture.

Integrity – consistency and transparency of actions, methods and principles.

Proactive approach – forward thinking, leadership and options.

How We Work

We like to have a yarn with you first, to make sure its all a good fit and that we are the right people for you, and you for us.

We will chat about what you want, what you need and what difference you want to make.

• Chat & Coffee

• Quote

• Signed Agreement

We are savvy operators and should be able to help you sort it all out over a coffee. We will provide you with an extensive quote that usually includes a range of options for you to choose from. We can use an hourly, daily or weekly rate and can be flexible with costs for larger projects.

We can also include equipment, still & moving image documentation, contractors and other skilled people under our contract with you. Makes it easier for you in the long run, and means we get to work with people we trust that will work hard for you.

Once at quote stage its your choice. Choice of components to be created, training you might need to ensure sustainability of your project, platforms that will work for you. We will work with you to create budgets and timelines that will bring your project in on time and within budget.

We believe that technology is about people. That is: if you get the people right, the technology that you need will become self-evident. Our knowledge of audiences and technoloyg are a heady-mix and we bring all that to the table for you.

We get excited about all sorts of fabulous projects where people are at the core. So give us a call on 0409 533 176, email us at yum@yumstudio.com.au or drop us a note from our contact page.

We will get back to you within 24 hours (weekends and natural disasters notwithstanding).

I have learnt a considerable amount from Michael, about previously foreign concepts. Now I am completely enthused.

−Deb Cherry Leo Cussens

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