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Yum Wrap - irregular musings on film, art, media & learning.

Spark Report

The Spark Report I had the honour of speaking with the women of The Refinery. A group of women interested in ideas, creation and ideation. Here’s some of the learnings: You can talk ANYWHERE if you are committed to your idea. One darling woman spoke to me on the phone from her car in some …
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Dance Carousel

Come and dance under the chandeliers and twirl into your winter warm! You are welcome to join in on OPENING NIGHT this Saturday June 30th 6pm-8pm. DANCE CAROUSEL by Erin M McCuskey Laneway Lumiere’s 2018 Ballarat Winter Festival June 30th – July 29th 2018 Alfred Deakin Place, Camp Street, Ballarat Each hour, on the hour …
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Random Number Generator

We hope you will come and see our new work commissioned for White Night Ballarat. ONE NIGHT ONLY. RANDOM NUMBER GENERATOR by Christine Tammer & Erin M McCuskey White Night Ballarat 2018 Saturday March 17th 7pm – 2am (Sunday) Old Sheriff’s Office, Camp Street, Ballarat The work will loop every 15 mins and will look …
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Merry with Love

Wishing you all the very best from Yum Studio. Thank you for your support, and challenges, over the last 12 months. It’s been a wild ride and 2018 is saddling up now! This holiday season we hope you get a moment to breathe, laugh and love the ones you are with. Merry Christmas and a joyous Happy …
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White Night Reviews

We are so grateful to those who experienced our work Do Not Go Gentle at White Night Ballarat, and then told us what you thought of the work. Thank you from Erin & Christine.   Please feel free to add your comment below. “Not only did I personally love the piece, I was really excited …
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Do Not Go Gentle

DO NOT GO GENTLE CHRISTINE TAMMER & ERIN MCCUSKEY We hope you will come and view our beautiful, one night only work: Do Not Go Gentle  by Christine Tammer & Erin M McCuskey White Night Ballarat Saturday March 4th 7pm – 7am (Sunday) Chancery Lane Ballarat The work will loop every half hour and will …
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Stranger Art

Recently I was asked to give the opening speech for a fabulous artist Ms Anne Chibnall. Anne and I worked together making films for about ten years at Future Films. In that time she became a fast friend. Here’s the speech along with some of her films.