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White Night Reviews

We are so grateful to those who experienced our work Do Not Go Gentle at White Night Ballarat, and then told us what you thought of the work. Thank you from Erin & Christine. Here’s are some of you said. Please feel free to add your comment below. “Not only did I personally love the piece, …
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Do Not Go Gentle

DO NOT GO GENTLE CHRISTINE TAMMER & ERIN MCCUSKEY We hope you will come and view our beautiful, one night only work: Do Not Go Gentle  by Christine Tammer & Erin M McCuskey White Night Ballarat Saturday March 4th 7pm – 7am (Sunday) Chancery Lane Ballarat The work will loop every half hour and will …
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Stranger Art

Recently I was asked to give the opening speech for a fabulous artist Ms Anne Chibnall. Anne and I worked together making films for about ten years at Future Films. In that time she became a fast friend. Here’s the speech along with some of her films.

Luxville Delusion – Artist Talk

Artist Talk Sunday 15th November 2015 Erin McCuskey Filmmaker – Yum Studio – Madame Yum Luxville Delusion  This talk is dedicated to those around the world who have experienced violence. Be it from war, terrorism, racism, misogyny… we have so many names for it. Violence comes from the desire for power, and from fear of …
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Project Grief

  Today I feel a bit sad. I have project grief. The project that I lived and breathed for eight months has finished. And clearly I have no idea what to do with myself. The Inside Story was its name, project is here, and here, and here. But how often should I visit, and revisit, …
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We’re all winners

  What a fabulous party, thank you all for coming. And thanks to those who took time to vote, five seconds work for a glittering prize… not bad. And the fabulous winner is – drum roll please… In fact we got two winners – congratulations to Miss T and Janeway. Your glittering prizes are winging …
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Mick’s Cinema

  I love films, I love going to the cinema, I love the rituals, I love the slow all-encompassing dark. For me, it’s as much about the experience of viewing, as the film itself. This year we have created a small intimate viewing experience called ‘Mick’s Cinema’. Its name belies the lushness of big comfy …
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Ta Phin: A Hard Life, Easy to Live

  Spin a globe, toss a coin, follow a friend’s recommendation, revisit a favourite place or embark on the path less traveled. Picking a holiday destination is a choice as wide as the world. Choosing a path off the tourist map ‘destination remote’ lead us (Erin and Lynden) to the mountain community of Ta Phin, …
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Tracy Bourne in Finale

We love to create creative media, and the theatre is perhaps a natural fit for creative film, video, moving image. The fabulous Tracy Bourne has a show coming up in the Melbourne Cabaret Festival June 2013. She needed a creative promo. Video is so important currently for all web-based promo, we tell people its ‘going …
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