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15 Trees

15 Trees

ARCHIVED: Creative Media; Design

Branding; Website Development; Social Media Support

Fifteen Trees wants to change the world one car at a time. Their idea is that planting 15 trees will offset the carbon emissions for a small to medium car for one year. You buy the offset, they'll plant the trees. This brilliant idea needed a brilliant logo, branding and website. The logo represents the 15 trees name by using a stylised image of a tree commonly used in landscaping plans, made up of fifteen main stems of five trees.

We popped a wheel into the logo to connect with cars, and now 15 Tress are doing planes, conferences and other offsets. Maybe the wheel is the earth itself depending on your perspective.

We have also designed a suite which includes a style guide, business cards, company stationary and posters.

"Yum Studio has been a huge help getting my website up and running, training me along the way and never rolling their eyes too much when confronted with really dumb questions."

Colleen Fillipa, Director Fifteen Trees.

Website :  15trees.com.au