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Deb’s Story


Video; Storytelling; Multimedia

At two Deb remembers holding the nurses hand, and carrying a small suitcase, she carried the same suitcase at 15 when they let her go...

Deborah Findlay is a Forgotten Australian. She grew up in an orphanage in Ballarat - and survived. Her story is full of sadness, pain, humour and an indomitable spirit borne of hardship.

Today she works to ensure we all remember the Forgotten Australians.

Deb tells us her story after the National Government made an apology to her and 500,000+ other Forgotten Australians. This 12 min doco was produced by Yum Studio, as part of a larger project called 'Sanctuary' which included an original theatre performance with multimedia, written by Chris Dickins.

VIDEO : http://vimeo.com/41260283