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Learner productivity with Google

Digital literacy is a term that has gained currency with the rise of digital technologies. For the literacy and numeracy teacher it adds another level for learners to negotiate in making sense out of the myriad of visual, auditory and intellectual typologies  that exhibit our capacity to operate independently and individually. While times are changing, …
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Working (TOO) out loud

Videographer Erin only made one mistake. She laughed at the store manager in whose store we were shooting our elearning resource A-roll. The veins expanded even more, his eyes bulged, his shirt appeared ready to shred itself upon his own self inflammation. Playing good cop I explained how his store had been chosen to represent the congolomerate …
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Hands on for workshop presentation simplicity

Workshop presenting is a tough gig. Be it that big international conference, a masterclass for peers, or a quick 1 hour filler for internal staff. Audiences demand new ideas, snappy audio visual presentations and opportunities to play with your ideas and skills demonstrations. Coming up with hands on activities that have relevance to participants’ professional …
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Social eLearning

Social Media and Learning for Business and Training – Yum Studio eLearning People now control how they consume media and what messages they care to hear through social media. But how do we get our business there, help our customers find us and post content that builds momentum with our business brand? Yum offers a …
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3 Ages of Moodle

  Moodle is a fantastic Learner Management System of that there is no doubt. Learning organisations can often struggle with Moodle implementation in determining how best it can compliment their operations and opportunities. Getting beyond a simple resource repository to an active teaching strategy with Moodle as the core takes time, resouces and creative thinking. …
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Crazed amplified somnambulist

Creativity is like El Nino and La Nina – interplay of idea drought and flood. Framing visions to a personal, political or spiritual context. We all have a number of moments in our lives where we feel and are moved by another’s originality of creativity. It always speaks to you personally. The other’s soul becomes …
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